Monday, October 24, 2016

Petr Dillinger

[Czechoslovakia] (b 1899/d 1954)

"Petr Dillinger studied first at Vinohrady grammar school, but in 1916 he transferred to the School of Applied Arts, where he studied under prof. J. Schusser and F. Kysela. The school gave him the good fundamentals of drawing and painting and had an impact on his future book and graphic art. He continued his studies in the years 1919-1923 at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague, where after an initial artistic training with prof. Pirner, he moved to the graphic department of prof. Max Švabinský. (...) In 1928 he became a professor at the School of Applied Arts in Brno (...), and after the IIWW , Dillinger workedat the National School of Graphic Arts in Prague. Since 1950 he headed the department of book graphics and utilitarian at the Higher School of Applied Arts in Prague. (...) His extensive graphic work includes 360 woodcuts, 230 etchings, and over 200 dry points , aquatints and lithographs.. (...) " . Dillinger illustrated more then 90 books and work extensively in the creation of Bookplates, until the time of his death... 

Biography and Photo :

Czechoslovakia 1950 "1st Anniversary of the League of PTT Workers" (2,1) [Engr (J.A. Svengsbir)][Recess] Sc(430,431)

Hordur Karlsson

[Iceland][USA] (b 1933)

" Hordur Karlsson was born in 1933 in Reykjavik, where he began his art studies. 
At age 20, he came to the United States, where he later joined the International Monetary Fund in Washington, D.C., and became the Art Director for 30 years, with overall responsibility for the design of its internal and external publications. (...) In addition to his art studies in Iceland, he has studied at Washington's Corcoran School of Art, and also briefly at Mexico City College... (...) Karlsson has had several one-man shows in the United States; Reykjavik; Iceland; and Seville, Spain; and his paintings have been in a number of exhibitions in Iceland and the United States. "

Biography :

United Nations (New York) 1961 "International Monetary Fund" (2,1) [Des (R.E. Carlson)][Photo (Government Printing Works, Tokyo)] Sc(90,91)

Luxembourg 1965 "Europa" (2,1) [Photo (Courvoisier)] Sc(432,433) [ This was a design used by all the  Council of European Post and Telecommunications members ] [ image credit of ]

USA 1968 "50th Anniversary of the Scheduled Airmail Services (AIRMAIL)" (1) [Recess][Litho] Sc(C74)

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Leon Carré

[France] (b 1878/d 1942)

from "Le Jardin Des Caresses" (1921) []

"Leon Carré was born in Granville, Manche and started his studies in the Rennes Fine Arts  School , studying later  in Paris with Leon Bonnat and Luc-Olivier Merson."  He traveled through Algeria in 1905 and Spain in 1911...Carré exhibited his work since 1900 in the best French Art Exhibitions...he won the  Abd-el-Tif prize in 1909 together with Jules Migonney... he was also a two-time winner of the Chenavard Prize.. One of his most famous works was the 12 volume Edition of "Arabian Nights" with a large group of fabulous Illustrations , in a joint work with Mohamed Racim...

Biography : Wikipedia
Detailed biography :
Many of the Beautiful Leon Carré Illustrations : Google Images

Algeria 1939 "New York World Fair" (5,1) [Engr (Jules Piel)][Recess] Sc(125,...,130)

Algeria 1940 "Soldiers Dependents Relief Fund" (4,1) [Photo] Sc(B32,...,B35)

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Werner Klemke

[Germany] (b 1917/d 1994)

" In his childhood, Werner Klemke drew a great deal, and he was often found in museums and libraries. (..) The encounter with art and literature of Classical Antiquity remained for Klemke an essential experience ; after sometime training as an Art Teacher in the Frankfurt Teacher's Institute, he began in 1937 with the work as an animator for the company Kruse film..(..) Klemke served his Military time in WWII as a private in an antiaircraft unit, and during his spare time he forged identity papers and food stamps for the Dutch Jews Community...after the War, in East Friesland, the first Post War German Children book was written and drawn by Klemte, using the lithography 1946 he returned to Berlin where he had several different works , attempting to survive the difficult times...(...) a contact in the Berlin Publishing house "People and world" brought him in 1948 his first major contract in book Designing and Illustration...(...) this work marked a breakthrough and only three years later he was a lecturer at the Berlin College of Fine and Applied Arts (now Art Academy Berlin-Weissensee ), and in 1956, he was a professor of book graphics and typography. (...) His success as an artist brought Werner Klemke over the years to won various government awards (Germany, USSR,Italy,etc)."


East Germany 1964 "Children's Day" (5,5,5) [Litho] Sc(698,...,702)

East Germany 1965 "Bicentenary of the Mining School, Freiberg" (4,4,4) [Litho] Sc(796,...,799) [ Images credit of Stampworld ]

East Germany 1966 "Protected Plants" (3,3,3) [Litho] Sc(879,...,881) [ Images credit of Stampworld ]

East Germany 1984 "Fairytale  'Dead Tzar's Daughter and the Seven Warriors'" (MS6) [Litho] Sc(2451a,...,2451f) [ Images credit of Stampworld ]

East Germany 1985 "Brothers Grimm : Fabulists & Philologists" (MS6) [Litho] Sc(2515a,...,2515f) [ Images credit of Stampworld ]