Saturday, February 4, 2017

Lily Spandorf

[Austria][USA] (b 1914/d 2000)

" Ms. Lily Spandorf was born in Vienna, Austria in 1914. After graduating with honors from the renowned college of Fine and Applied Arts in Vienna Austria, she moved to London and later traveled Europe achieving high recognition. Ms. Spandorf arrived in the United States in 1959. While in the US, Ms. Spandorf worked for several top publications such as the Washington Post Newspaper, Washingtonian Magazine and National Geographic. Ms. Spandorf captured the beauty of DC and many presidential affairs. She was commissioned by President John F. Kennedy, Jr. and President Lyndon B. Johnson to paint presidential affairs and DC landscapes and monuments. Many of her paintings were given as presidential gifts to visiting dignitaries. Ms. Spandorf's works are showcased in the US Embassies in Art program. Collections of her paintings are housed at the White House Library, the Senate Art and History Library, the Smithsonian Institute, the National Press Club and the private homes of U.S. Presidents and foreign dignitaries. Ms. Spandorf designed the second US postage Christmas stamp, and was the official in-house artist under the John F. Kennedy, Jr. administration. "


USA 1963 "Christmas" [( joint Design (Norman Todhunter)][Recess] Sc(1240)

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Ismail Samsom

[Algeria] (b 1934/d 1988)

"Ismail Samsom studied at the Emir Abdelkader Lyceum , where he done his Secondary studies... during one of his voyages to France, in 1957, ,he was a victim of a lost bullet in Paris , that provoked the paralysis of his inferior members...following a long hospitalization , his passion for drawing and painting blossomed and after his return to Alger he became a founding member of the National Union of Plastic Arts and the Algerian Association of Applied Arts...  he made his first exhibition in 1968 and soon he was a famous Artist in the Algerian Art Panorama...
As an homage to the Artist, the Algerian Post  issued in 1996 a 2 stamp series with illustration of two of his Paintings...


Algeria 1971 "International Year of the Mobilization against Racism" (1) [Photo] Sc(464)

Algeria 1971/1972 "Airmail" (3,3,3) [Photo] Sc(C16,...,C18) [images credit of StampWorld ]

Algeria 1972 "Stamp Day" (1) [Photo (Courvoisier)] Sc(478)

Algeria 1973 "Stamp Day" (1) [Photo (Courvoisier)] Sc(489)

Algeria 1973 "10th Anniversary of the world Food Program" (1) [Photo (Courvoisier)] Sc(494)

Algeria 1974 "20th Anniversary of the Revolution" (4,4,1) [Photo (H. Fournier)] Sc(523)

Algeria 1976 "Solidarity with the Sahrawi  People" (1) [Photo (Courvoisier)] Sc(569)

Algeria 1977 "Horsemen" (2,2,2) [Photo (Courvoisier)] Sc(599,600)  [images credit of StampWorld ]

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Oscar Ruegg

[Switzerland] (b 1896/d 1987)

"Oscar Rüegg was a famous Swiss painter and graphic artist, who designed well recognized Swiss stamps as well as posters and adverts for the Swiss tourism."


Switzerland 1942 "National Festival" (2,2,1) [Photo (Courvoisier)] Sc(B118)

Switzerland 1944 "National Festival" (4,4,1) [Photo (Courvoisier)] Sc(B133)

Switzerland 1947 "Centenary of Swiss Railways" (4,4,2) [Photo (Courvoisier)] Sc(310,311)

Luxembourg 1947 "Honoring General George S. Patton" (4,2,2) [Photo (Courvoisier)] Sc(242,...,245)

Monday, January 23, 2017

Samuel Louis (Sem) Hartz [1st Part 1936/1948 ]

[Netherlands] (b 1912/d 1995)

"Hartz grew up in a liberal Jewish environment; his father was the portraitist Louis Jacob Hartz . Sem studied at the State Academy of Fine Arts in Amsterdam and from 1936 worked most of his life at Joh. Enschede . At the Haarlem printing company he would work in the design and Engraving of  stamps and banknotes . Sem Hartz was a good friend and colleague of Jan van Krimpen , who also worked at Enschede. During WWII he start spending some time with the creation of Fonts and letters..he designed in 1958 the letter 'Juliana' for the English company Linotype... From 1964 to 1972, Hartz worked with another printer, Cees van Dijk .
An important part of Hartz 'personal archive after his death went to the Library of the University of Amsterdam...


Netherlands 1936 "Cultural and social Relief Fund" (4,4,2) [Engr (Sem Hartz)][Recess] Sc(B86,B89) [ image credit of Stampworld ]

Netherlands 1937 "Cultural and Social Welfare Fund" (4,4,2) [Engr (Sem Hartz)][Recess] Sc(B94,B97) [ image credit of Stampworld ]

Netherlands 1938 "Social and cultural Welfare Fund" (5,5,2) [Engr (Sem Hartz)][Recess] Sc(B104,B106)

Netherlands 1939 "Cultural and social Welfare Fund" (5,5,1) [Engr (Sem Hartz)][Recess] Sc(B114)

Netherlands 1940 "Cultural and social Welfare Fund" (5,5,1) [Engr (Sem Hartz)][Recess] Sc(B126)

Netherlands 1941 "Cultural and social Welfare Fund" (5,5,1) [Engr (Sem Hartz)][Recess] Sc(B138)

Netherlands 1943/1944 "Dutch Naval Heroes" (10,10,2) [Engr (Sem Hartz)][Photo 7.5c][Recess 40c] Sc(252,261)  [ image credit of Stampworld ]

Netherlands 1946 "Child Welfare" (6,3,3) [Engr (Sem Hartz)][Recess] Sc(B164,...,B169) [ image credit of Stampworld ]

Netherlands 1947 "Queen Wilhelmina" (16,2,2) [Photo (5c to 40c)][Recess (40c to 60c)] Sc(286,...,300)

Netherlands 1947 "Cultural and social Welfare fund" (5,5,1) [Engr (Sem Hartz)][Recess] Sc(B177)

Netherlands 1948 "Cultural and social Relief fund" (4,4,4) [Engr (J. Staphorst)(W.Z.Van Dijk 6c/20c)(C.A.Mechelse)][Recess] Sc(B185,...,B188) [ image credit of Stampworld ] 

Netherlands 1948 "Golden Jubilee" (2,1) [Recess] Sc(302,303)

Netherlands 1948 "Coronation" (2,1) [Photo] Sc(304,305)